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Top 10 Sustainability Technology Solution Companies In Apac - 2021

Issues like global warming,deforestation, reckless energy usage, and various others are plaguing our planet, threatening the health of the environment. Governments across the globe have introduced many environmental regulations to drastically restrict emissions and implement sustainable energy production in the foreseeable future. Countries, as well as businesses, will need to pursue science, technology and innovation policies appropriate to their development stage to focus on economic and environmental conditions as well as sustainability . This requires building digital skills among students to close digital divides.Strengthening and aligning Science, Technology and Innovation systems and industrial policies are the needs of the hour.

Without a question, the benefits of technology far outweigh the unanticipated negative consequences. For example, the proliferation of electric vehicles has altered the automotive sector. Electric vehicle sales have been steadily increasing; it is estimated that 10 percent of all vehicles sold will be electric vehicles by 2025. By all accounts, the green tech revolution is well underway. On the other hand, businesses need to seamlessly keep track of their greenhouse emissions to successfully achieve the end goal. This entails the installation of cutting edge technologies that can effectively monitor all the emissions and energy usage, round the clock.

What organizations need today is a proper partner who can help them get accustomed to modern technologies, design sustainability projects in a cost-effective way, and offer a resilient strategy to dispose of assets with lesser impact on the environment. To help organizations select the most effective sustainability tech consulting service provider for their business-specific needs without breaking a sweat and achieve all their long-term business goals, we are glad to present the “Top 10 Sustainability Technology Solution Providers in APAC - 2021.”

    Top Sustainability Technology Solution Companies in Apac

  • Ecoline Solar provides green cooling solutions by harnessing sustainable solar and ambient thermal heat energy. With assembly, product development, and warehouse facilities in Singapore, along with commercial, technical, and support staff, as well as research and development collaborations with experts from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University, Ecoline offers a full range of cooling systems (single, multi-split & VRF type) for commercial & residential applications. The Ecoline Solar Thermal Air-Conditioner, a patented Singapore innovation, can be found in homes and hostels, schools and hospitals, malls, offices, and data centers. Overseas installations include hotels and retail outlets in Myanmar, the Philippines, and the UAE

  • Environment & Energy Technology provides an innovative, integrated and sustainable solution for food, environmental waste, energy, carbon neutrality and population with circular economy in urban cities using eco-friendly salt-tolerant mushroom strains from the natural ecosystem. In terms of sustainability, team en2t understands that nature itself has a lot to offer. To this end, it naturally uses eco-friendly salt-tolerant mushroom strains from the natural ecosystem to challenge the sustainable food waste recycling without secondary contaminations, i.e., wastewater, sludge and odor. Moreover, the company’s sustainable vertical farming facilitates the recycling of food waste into organic fertilizer, renewable energy, functional bio feed, and mushroom; simply all organic

  • Sunseap Group is the leading clean energy solutions provider in Singapore specializing in Solar PPA, offsite clean energy supply, EPC and O&M solar PV solutions, demand-side management, energy efficiency. Sunseap Group is the largest and most established clean energy solutions provider in Singapore, with regional operations in South East Asia Pacific. They currently have a portfolio of pipeline and completed projects that are close to 2 GigaWatt-peak (GWp) of solar projects in Singapore and around the South East Asia and Pacific region

  • Syrinx is a multidisciplinary environmental design company that develops sustainable technologies leveraging applied science and research. Syrinx employs an integrated sustainable design (ISD) paradigm to help realize the environmental, economic, and social responsibility goals of organizations across industries. Syrinx’s product lines comprise software-based decision tools that allow the auditing, management and investment planning of green assets across different scales. Syrinx leverages its vast accumulated data on sustainable technology implementation to determine the right sustainable pathways for organizations. Alongside, Syrinx collaborates with groups and entities to demonstrate the feasibility, integrations, and scalability of sustainable technologies to clients

  • Carnegie


    Carnegie is the owner and developer of the CETO® technology, which captures energy from ocean waves and converts it into electricity. Carnegie Clean Energy Limited is a wave energy technology development company. The Company has established procedures to encourage and maintain a culture of good corporate governance. The company uses the latest advances in artificial intelligence and electric machines to optimally control the device and generate electricity in the most efficient way possible. They have a long history in ocean energy with a track record of world-leading developments

  • Altogether Group

    Altogether Group

    Altogether is owned by the Sustainable Communities Infrastructure Trust, which is managed by Morrison & Co, a private infrastructure firm, on behalf of its existing Australian and New Zealand sovereign wealth fund clients and the Morrison & Co Growth Infrastructure Fund. Altogether delivers reliable, localized essential services for the prosperity of people, the community, and the planet by forging our path and keeping resources and jobs local. Their a multi-utility service provider on a mission to make the world a brighter place. With simple, sustainable power, water, and data services, they work together with developers and communities to create a better future for everyone

  • Japan Renewable Energy

    Japan Renewable Energy

    In cooperation with landowners of project sites and other local residents, as well as construction firms, financial institutions, and other diverse parties, JRE undertakes projects under autonomous general management that extends from preliminary surveys to business plan formulation, financing, equipment procurement, construction management, and operation/maintenance. They value continued dialog with local residents from the initial stages of development and during the entire plant life from preliminary surveys to construction and operation after completion of construction. The company conducts business so as to earn trust from the community and society

  • Keppel


    Keppel provides solutions for sustainable urbanization, focusing on four key areas comprising energy & environment, urban development, connectivity, and asset management. With sustainability at the core of their strategy, they harness the strengths and expertise of their business units to develop, operate and maintain real assets, which provide diverse solutions that are good for the planet, for people, and the Company. Keppel Infrastructure provides DCS services through the development and operation of such systems at major business and industrial parks, including Changi Business Park, one-north, and Woodlands Wafer Fab Park

  • Michelman


    Michelman's compelling combination of world-class talent and specialty chemistries helps their customers excel in the diverse range of markets they serve with sustainable and responsible solutions. As a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly advanced materials for industry, they offer solutions for the coatings, printing & packaging, and fibers & composites markets. Their innovative surface additives and polymeric binders are used by leading manufacturers around the world to enhance performance attributes and add value in applications including wood and floor care products, metal and industrial coatings, paints, varnishes, inks, and fiber sizings for composites

  • Plenty


    Plenty is an indoor vertical farm on a mission to bring the freshest, cleanest produce to people everywhere. Indoor vertical farms create the perfect environment for plants, reducing the unpredictability of changing climates. No bleach, no pesticides on our plants. No GMOs. Just pure food that tastes as nature intended. Plenty of farms are designed to increase the yield of crops over 350x relative to traditional farming. Plenty condenses hundreds of acres of farmland into the size of a big box retail store

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